Domestic Partnerships

Estate Planning Attorney Representing Domestic Partners

Take proactive steps to protect the life that you and your partner have built together. One of the most important is to set up a valid and enforceable domestic partnership agreement. Even if you have lived in a committed relationship for years, Nevada courts are unlikely to recognize your right to inherit from your partner.

At Cassady Law Offices, P.C., we represent same-sex couples and unmarried heterosexual couples who live together in committed relationships. Our goal is to help couples plan for unexpected moments and ensure that both domestic partners have legal rights to their mutual assets.

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Legal Services For Domestic Partners

Attorney Jasen Cassady is a certified financial planner with extensive experience developing effective domestic partnership agreements, as well as in estate planning, asset protection, probate and financial planning. Our work begins once clients register as domestic partners with the state, which is a simple and straightforward procedure.

Domestic partnership agreements define your intentions, rights and expectations involving your mutual property and debt. Nevada law uses a community property doctrine to define the shared assets of married couples and domestic partners. When you register as a domestic partnership, you hold mutual assets and debts in common.

This means that your domestic partnership agreement needs to take into account your existing financial situation. Our strategy will depend on several factors, such as whether one domestic partner earns significantly more money than the other, one partner has substantial debt or one partner intends to be a homemaker.

Attorney Cassady works closely with potential domestic partners to help them identify their goals and develop comprehensive domestic partnership agreements defining their intentions involving:

  • Parental rights
  • Health insurance for domestic partners
  • Retirement plans
  • State pension plans
  • Advance medical directives
  • Residential homes
  • Recreational property

We can also assist you if you need to dissolve a registered domestic partnership, even if no written domestic partnership agreement exists.

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