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Protect Your Valuable Firearms

A gun trust is a powerful legal tool in compliance with the National Firearms Act that offers legal protection and great flexibility for Nevada gun owners. By placing your firearms in trust, you can ensure that your guns will be legally transferred to your heirs without the fear of destruction, confiscation or exorbitant taxes.

Cassady Law Offices, P.C., understands the financial and sentimental value of family firearms. We have more than a decade of experience helping clients throughout southern Nevada protect their guns for their future enjoyment and for the benefit of their families when they are gone.

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Assistance Setting Up A Gun Trust In Henderson And Las Vegas

There are numerous advantages to establishing a gun trust:

  • Protect your guns from future government regulation. A Nevada gun trust has a "perpetuities" period of 365 years, which allows you to protect your firearms from future legislation within this period that may prohibit or criminalize their possession or transfer.
  • Ensure your guns are handled in the manner you want. A gun trust can protect you and your loved ones from unintentional criminal liability under federal and state laws that restrict the possession, transport and sale of firearms. It can also include instructions for appropriate care of your firearms to preserve their value in the event of your death or incapacity.
  • Safeguard your firearms from creditors and divorce. A gun trust keeps your firearms out of the reach of creditors if you encounter financial problems in the future. It can also safeguard your guns in the event of a divorce, bankruptcy or a lawsuit.

Why You Need Experienced Attorneys

The majority of gun trusts found online or in gun stores fail to satisfy the technicalities required by state and federal law. As a result, they offer little protection for gun transfers and may result in criminal liability for the gun owner.

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