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The role of a will in an estate plan

Nevada residents may be able to achieve their estate planning goals with just a will. However, for many, wills represent the first step of creating an estate plan that truly meets a person's needs. To transfer assets to beneficiaries in a timely manner, an individual should consider transfer-on-death or payable-on-death designations. The use of beneficiary designations can also be appropriate depending on a person's needs.

The importance of powers of attorney

Nevada residents may understand how important an estate plan is. They may also be making common yet costly mistakes that could make it difficult to carry out their wishes. One of those mistakes is not reviewing plan documents on a regular basis. Generally speaking, those who have gone more than three years without a review should make time for one right away.

Many people lack basic estate planning documents

All Nevada residents, even those who fall in the middle and lower income brackets, can benefit from having an estate plan. However, a recent survey found that over half of those living in the United States don't have basic plan documents. These documents may include a living will and health care proxy. A living will stipulates what type of medical treatment should be given or generally communicate a person's wishes if he or she becomes incapacitated.

Estate plans can change along with tax laws

Nevada residents may want to ensure that their estate plans and wills are updated to ensure that they are in line with tax laws that went into effect as of 2018. Many had worked with estate planning attorneys and financial planners to develop strategies to avoid a massive estate tax hit to their heirs after death.

Passing your values on

Many people living in Nevada are well aware of the importance of estate planning. These individuals often take steps to write and update wills, designate beneficiaries on their insurance policies and retirement accounts and craft extensive end-of-life directives. However, there are some assets that many people overlook. These are the valuable memories, stories and family history that may exist in a person's mind, scrapbooks, journals or blog posts. While this content may have negligible monetary value, it is essential for family members, even those who are not yet born, to have access to it.

Establishing Security By Creating A Will

Parents in Nevada and elsewhere can take steps to protect their children by creating a last will and testament before they die. It's not a task that is pleasant, but it allows people to make decisions regarding their finances and property as well as how any younger children will be cared for if their parents die before the children are 18.

Living wills make wishes known in case of incapacity

The decision to write a will introduces people in Nevada to a host of other estate planning decisions. A living will and power of attorney represent two of the most important documents that supplement a person's final arrangements. These instructions offer clear answers if a person becomes incapacitated.

Digital accounts and estate planning

While settling an estate has never been easy for executors in Nevada or elsewhere, the items within an estate tended to usually be of the tangible variety. Today, most people live some or all of their life online. This means that there may be digital assets that need to be accounted for in an estate plan. The first step in accounting for digital assets is to identify what they may be.