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Knowing the topics to address when writing a will

While planning for life ahead, individuals in Nevada and elsewhere may be tasked with covering a variety of scenarios and asking a multitude of questions. While it might seem a daunting task to cover every vital topic prior to writing a will, doing so could prove a vital step toward protecting one's interests and wishes. Seeking advice on some of the essential topics to address when creating a will could help a person better prepare to face the future with peace of mind.

Things to consider when choosing an executor for a will

Individuals in Nevada and elsewhere may face a variety of decisions when it comes to creating a strategy for what will happen after they pass on. One of the most pressing topics could include choosing another person to manage one's estate after death. Seeking insight on some of the traits to look for could help make the concept of choosing an executor for a will less intimidating.

The possible consequences of choosing not to create a will

Many individuals in Nevada and across the nation may have an idea of what they wish to happen to their assets after they pass on. However, some may have yet to put their wishes and preferences down in writing. While it might be difficult to consider, knowing what might happen if one passes away without creating a will could help place many individuals in a better position to begin working on a strategy to protect their future interests.

Preparing to write a will by overcoming hesitation

Most individuals in Nevada and across the nation have experienced some form of procrastination at some point in life. While in many cases, this may involve little more than putting off household chores for several days, sometimes the task at hand could be somewhat more serious in nature. Individuals who want to write a will but keep delaying the process could find it helpful to seek advice on how to overcome hesitations and set their plans for the future in motion.

Why estate planning matters

Despite the importance of creating an estate plan, it is something that many people in Nevada and elsewhere put off for as long as possible. An estate plan can provide instructions for how a person's assets should be distributed after he or she passes. It can also provide instructions related to the management of a person's finances or medical care. A comprehensive plan may allow surviving family members to avoid going through the probate process or paying a large estate tax bill.

The potential pitfalls of a template estate plan

Nevada residents and others who are creating an estate plan are encouraged to do so with the help of an estate planning professional. Using template forms when making a will can lead to a variety of unintended consequences. For instance, a template might not contain a residuary clause that would allow all of a person's assets to be distributed according to the document's instructions. Without such a clause, it is likely that only assets listed on the will are transferred to a beneficiary.

How celebrity deaths show the importance of estate planning

People often procrastinate about estate planning. It can be difficult to think about death although it may become more prominent in people's minds after the death of a celebrity. For example, Nevada fans of basketball star Kobe Bryant might have thought about what would happen to their own families if they were killed in a sudden accident as Bryant was.

Reading of wills no longer required by states

Nevada residents who have had a loved one recently pass away may be interested to know if they were named in the will. A will is a legal document that allows a person to determine what happens to their estate after they pass away. Wills typically name the beneficiaries and the amount of the estate that they'll receive after the testator's death.

Understanding when and how to move forward with a will contest

Estate plans can be complicated for Nevada residents. After losing a loved one, it can be a surprise for a person to discover that he or she has been excluded from the will. Regardless of why this might have occurred, it is important to keep assumptions at bay and consider how to address the issue. Many strategies have time limitations, so it is wise to act quickly.

Planning for incapacity as part of an estate plan

Some people in Nevada who have created a will or a trust may feel that they have completed all the necessary estate planning documents. However, they may not have prepared documents that deal with becoming incapacitated. A health care directive, also known as a durable health care powers of attorney, a medical directive or a living will, is an important part of this planning, and most Americans do not have one.

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