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Why it is vital to update a will

Because circumstances in life often change, residents of Nevada may wish to review their wills from time to time to keep it current. Events such as a marriage or the birth of a child can be cause for minor to major changes in a person's will and estate plan. Keeping a will current assures that the testator's assets will indeed go to the desired beneficiaries upon death.

Grounds for challenging a will

Individuals in California may not realize that a will does not necessarily stand as written but can be challenged. It is a rare occurrence that rarely occurs, but there are a few grounds upon which a will may be successfully challenged.

Understanding wills in Nevada

Residents in Nevada may benefit from learning more about the laws governing how wills are handled in the state. Section 133.020 states that anyone of sound mind and age, described as being over 18-years-old, is permitted to dispose of their estate by last will, including real and personal assets, minus the payment of their outstanding debts. In order to be executed, a will must meet certain criteria and be drafted in written, electronic or holographic form, as defined by state law.

Does an electronic will count as a valid will?

With technology influencing more areas of life, Nevada residents may wonder about its effect on estate planning. In the case of a will created, signed and stored on a computer, validity may be a concern due to the potential negative impact on the handling of one's wishes if such a document is later deemed invalid. The Nevada Revised Statutes define an electronic will as a will that is created and stored as an electronic record. It must contain the date of creation, and it must be electronically signed by the testator. This electronic signature must be confirmed by one or more authentication characteristics.

Updating wills can prevent flaws in estate administration

Life can get very busy, so it's understandable how important issues can unintentionally fall through the cracks. However, taking the time to create a will and estate plan can prove to be very worthwhile. Not only does it give piece of mind to the individual who created the will, but it also provides a sense of security to his or her loved ones. Although this is a critical step, it's worth noting that people shouldn't forget to update their estate plans on occasion.

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