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A carefully selected trustee is key to trust planning

When looking for a relatively easy way to transfer assets to beneficiaries while still maintaining privacy and keeping costs at a minimum, many Nevada residents find that a trust is the appropriate tool. By establishing either a revocable or irrevocable trust, the individual is able to dictate exactly which assets or investments are to be received by each beneficiary. Careful trust planning can effectively transfer assets while avoiding the cost and time associated with probate.

Trust planning can protect assets and provide privacy

There are many reasons that Nevada families often look to trust planning as one way to protect their assets and provide privacy to their family. A living trust allows the individual to maintain control over the assets and alter the trust during his or her lifetime. However, it also allows the estate to avoid probate issues upon the death of the individual. Trust planning has become an essential tool in many individuals' estate plans.

A trust may be the best option in estate planning

The decision as to whether a trust is the appropriate move in an individual's estate planning process is an entirely personal one. Each Nevada resident makes this decision either actively or passively, depending upon his or her actions. There are a number of reasons that an individual may want to consider a trust rather than just a will and power of attorney.

Living trust can assist with estate planning

Many individuals throughout Nevada are conscientious about planning for tomorrow. They often plan what they will wear, what they will eat and even where they will go on vacation. For many, however, not so much thought is put into planning for what will happen if they are not able to plan tomorrow. A living trust may be the answer to this dilemma.

Gifts to a trust could help with tax obligations

Many Nevada residents have recognized the benefits of using a trust to effectively transfer assets and lighten the estate tax burden. Currently, gifts given to a trust during the individual's lifetime may result in a gift tax. While this tax may not actually be paid right now, it can lower the tax exempt amount that an individual has during his lifetime.

Trust planning: an essential part of estate planning

It has been said that there are two certainties in life -- death and taxes. While this phrase may sound trivial, it does apply to the concepts of trust planning. Many Nevada residents are finding that trust planning as a part of their estate plan can make things easier for their family later on and can lessen the financial burden of estate taxes.

Who is preparing the living trust and other documents?

As people age, they often begin to think about their future and what they will leave behind for their loved ones. Decisions made regarding these issues can be both financial and emotional ones. When emotions come into play, it becomes easier for a scam artist to influence the individual into making decisions that might not be in their best interest. Nevada seniors who are thinking about establishing a living trust as part of their estate plan may be interested in recent illegal activity.

A revocable living trust may be more beneficial than probate

As individuals begin to think about transferring assets upon death, many questions arise regarding the best way in which to do this. Many Nevada residents recognize the need to make these decisions; however, there is often confusion surrounding which way would be most beneficial for a particular individual and his or her circumstances. Several of the choices available include the traditional will and probate process and a revocable living trust.

Trust planning can avoid problems in transferring assets

As a person ages, it is likely that he or she will begin to think about how they want their assets distributed upon their death. It is fairly safe to assume that the typical Nevada resident would prefer to decide who will receive a portion of their assets rather than depending upon the courts to do so. Therefore, it is necessary for the individual to establish a will or a trust -- or both. Many are finding that trust planning is an effective way to easily transfer assets when that time comes.

A funeral trust gives testator control and family time to grieve

A trust is one of the most flexible estate planning tools available. Do you want to make sure your dog is taken care of after your death? Do you need to set money aside to support a child with special needs? Do you want to avoid taxes on large bequests to charities? What about making sure your art collection is never broken up, or only displayed in your garage?

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