Why having a will is important

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Blog

Some Nevadans put off writing wills or believe that they don’t need to worry about estate planning. However, there are several reasons why it’s important for every adult to have a will.

When a person has a will, the probate process may move more quickly because their wishes will be clearly outlined. People can use wills to designate who will receive their assets. Without a will, the assets will be passed according to the state’s intestacy rules, which may not necessarily follow the deceased’s wishes. People should also consider that they cannot predict when they die, and having wills and life insurance policies in place may make it much easier on their families if they were to pass away unexpectedly.

Another important aspect of a will is that a testator can designate a person who can serve as his or her children’s guardian. Testators can also choose who will serve as the executors for their estates, which can help reduce family infighting and problems associated with the court appointing a third party to serve in the role.

Will planning may involve a careful consideration of a person’s goals, his or her family’s needs and the assets that he or she owns. An estate planning attorney may help a client draft a will in a manner that is legally sound so that it may stand up in court. With a will, a person may have peace of mind in knowing that his or her wishes may be followed. An attorney could draft all of the estate planning documents in a way that helps to avoid additional taxes so that more of the estate may pass to the intended beneficiaries.