Estate Planning For First Responders: Protecting Those Who Protect Us

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About Us: Discount Services For Police, Firefighters And Active Stationed Military

Jasen E. Cassady Esq. and Brandi K. Cassady Esq. are the founding partners of Cassady Law Offices, P.C. We are partners in law and life. Together, we have handled thousands of estate plans and probate cases over more than 20 years in practice. We regularly offer discounted services to police, fire and active stationed military to serve Nevada’s first responders. We also have a deep appreciation for the risks first responders face and why it is so important for first responders to have their affairs in order.

Jasen E. Cassady, Esq. and Brandi K. Cassady, Esq.

First Responder Discounts Apply To Active Law Enforcement And Active Firefighters With ID

If something happens to you in the line of duty – which is a very real risk – you want to be sure that your family does not face preventable financial or legal hardship. We share those concerns with you, and we are ready to help you protect those you care about most. We discount our services for first responders to make it easy and affordable to plan your estate.

What Is Estate Planning?

  • Simply put, estate planning is a legal plan to instruct your family and loved ones how to handle your assets after death
  • Roughly 50% of the population does no planning, leaving their affairs to be decided by state law – it is an unpleasant but necessary topic
  • First responders face dangerous, high-risk situations every day and thus have a greater need for estate planning services
  • It’s not what you think in many cases
  • State law provides protection for spouses and minor children, but often times it must go through the court system first if you have no estate plan
  • Minor children are particularly exposed when no planning is in place
  • An estate plan allows you to name your terms, your time frame, and you decide who handles your affairs, rather than state law

Three Main Types Of Planning

  • Last will and testament
  • Last will and testament with a testamentary trust
  • Revocable living trust

Last Will And Testament – $49

  • This is our most basic plan
  • Includes a last will and testament, power of attorney for financial decisions, and health care power of attorney (“living will”)
  • This plan allows you to choose the executor of your estate and guides your family with your written wishes
  • Allows you to designate a preferred guardian of you and your minor children should the need arise
  • The downside to this plan is that minor children and beneficiaries receive their entire inheritance at age 18, the estate is generally subject to probate, which can cost up to 5% of the value of your estate, and funds for minor children are held in a court-blocked account until they reach age 18
  • Takes several months, possibly years, to administer, depending on the complexity

Last Will And Testament With Testamentary Trust – $99

  • This is very similar to a simple will plan, yet offers more flexibility
  • A testamentary trust is created when you die
  • This package includes a last will and testament, power of attorney for financial decisions and health care power of attorney (“living will”)
  • Allows you to choose the executor of your estate, designate beneficiaries of your estate, and provide an allowance to the guardian of minor children
  • Allows flexibility in distributions to beneficiaries
  • The downside to this plan is that the estate is generally subject to probate, which can cost up to 5% of the value of your estate, and administration can be extended for many years, depending on the age of your beneficiaries

Revocable Living Trust – $795

  • This plan is similar to the other options, but allows you to avoid probate and the significant associated costs and time delays
  • This plan includes a pour-over will, power of attorney for financial decisions, health care power of attorney (“living will”), revocable Living trust, and a deed for up to 3 properties in Clark or Nye County
  • This plan allows the transfer of assets to heirs without going through the costs or lengthy time frames of probate. Allows flexibility and timing for distributions to minor or special needs beneficiaries
  • This plan is higher cost, but the most beneficial, especially to first responders who face a higher risk of dying while on duty during their working years, potentially leaving minor children as heirs
  • The cost of $795 is total, not per person

Things To Think About

  • Who should be in charge of your affairs?
  • Who should be the guardian of your minor child(ren)?
  • When should your heirs receive their inheritance?
  • Do you want to provide a monthly stipend for the preferred guardian of your minor child(ren)?
  • Do you have life insurance sufficient to cover the loss of your income for your family?
  • Ask questions! The law’s answer to the question is not always what your answer would be, lots of surprises
  • Don’t leave your family with more questions than answers.

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