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The process of estate planning enables you to determine how your assets, medical care and family responsibilities will be managed after you die or if you become mentally incapacitated. Estate planning is no longer an option only for the wealthy; people from all walks of life are looking to make the most of their assets and their choices.

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What Is The Purpose Of Estate Planning?

Most people think of estate planning only in terms of passing on assets to their intended heirs and beneficiaries. This alone would be reason enough to create a plan. However, estate planning has numerous other benefits as well. First, careful planning will minimize the tax burdens of your estate, maximizing the amount of assets you can pass on.

Second, estate planning can greatly simplify or eliminate the need for probate, reducing obligations to your loved ones. Finally, estate planning typically includes provisions for incapacity (becoming unable to make or communicate important decisions for yourself). By planning now, you can both put your wishes in writing and appoint trusted individuals to act on your behalf.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

We use a broad range of tools to help our clients maintain control over their future health care and finances:

A customized estate plan is important for anyone who wants to minimize tax burdens, control the distribution of his or her assets and discourage family disputes.

How To Choose The Right Estate Planning Attorney

Most people put off estate planning for two reasons. First, they don’t know what they need and are worried about making a mistake or omission. Second, they assume that the process will take significant time and mental energy.

If this describes how you’re feeling, the good news is that these problems are very solvable with the right attorney. You’ll want to hire an attorney with considerable knowledge and experience. Our firm has been assisting clients like you for two decades, and one of our attorneys is a certified financial planner.

You’ll also want to hire a firm that offers convenient and helpful service. We treat clients like family, and we strive to make the estate planning process as easy as possible. After meeting with you for a free initial consultation, we can typically tell you what documents and legal instruments you’ll need, and we can do most of the preparation work for you. As mentioned above, we offer comprehensive estate planning services, so you don’t need to worry about hiring separate firms for different parts of your estate plan.

When To Update Your Estate Plan

Once your estate plan has been created, you’ll want to review and update it periodically. The most important times to make updates are after major life events that impact your family and your finances. This could include the birth of a child, the death of a family member, marriage, divorce or a significant change in assets that would need to be documented in your plan.

We can help you update your existing estate planning documents, even if we didn’t create your original estate plan.

How Can Parents Protect Their Minor Children If The Unthinkable Happens?

Parents will want to set up a guardianship in case they die – or can no longer fulfill their parental duties – before their minor children reach adulthood. To do so, they will file a guardianship petition to appoint a guardian. A guardian is often a trusted friend or relative, and it is important for parents to discuss the guardianship with them before their appointment. As a guardian, this person will take on the parents’ role until the minor children turn 18.

How Can People Protect Their Loved One’s Inheritance From Their Spouse?

Protecting a loved one’s inheritance may be necessary when their marriage is on the rocks or if their spouse is unsavory or bad with money. The easiest way to accomplish this is by creating a revocable trust and naming the loved one – but not their spouse – as a beneficiary. There should be language in the trust document that calls for the protection of your loved one’s assets in the event they get divorced; provisions can be made for further restrictions as well. Setting up a revocable trust can be done with the guidance of a lawyer.

How Can People Protect Their Estate From Creditors?

Protecting an estate’s assets from creditors may be necessary for people in high-risk jobs as well as those experiencing financial difficulty (though anyone can benefit from taking this step). Fortunately, there are different types of trusts that allow people to shield their assets. A Nevada estate planning lawyer can help people understand which type is the best option in their circumstances.

What Steps Can People Take To Protect Their Assets And Ensure They Are Passed On To Their Heirs?

The single most important thing people can do to ensure their assets pass on to their loved ones is to create an estate plan. Without an estate plan, the fate of their assets is in the hands of a Nevada probate court. Probate can take months, if not years, to complete, and without an estate plan to provide guidance, family feuds can arise. While a probate attorney can help make the process less disastrous, planning ahead is a smarter choice than leaving things to chance.

People with substantial estates should also devise strategies to avoid estate taxes. While estate taxes affect a very small number of estates – around one in 1,000 – they can reduce the value of these estates substantially. By consulting a Nevada estate planning lawyer, people can take steps to guarantee their loved ones’ inheritances will not be diminished.

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