What to consider when writing a will

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Blog

Those who live or own property in Nevada may be able to write their own will. However, it may not be the best idea to do so. This is because there are many issues that people may not account for on their own. For instance, an individual may not realize that minors can’t own property outright. Furthermore, someone who writes his or her own will may not realize that it can be used to designate a guardian for a child.

Typically, the templates used to create a will are generic documents that only cover basic estate planning issues. Therefore, there is a chance that it won’t allow a person to create a plan that actually meets his or her needs. This could be especially true if a person is in a common law marriage or wants to disinherit a spouse or other family member.

Generally speaking, spending extra money now can save surviving family members money later. This is because they won’t need to pay attorneys to represent them in probate court or pay other costs associated with determining what a will actually says. Instead, they can simply go through the process of settling the estate in a timely manner and without a lot of drama. It is worth noting that many DIY forms or programs encourage people to seek the advice of an attorney.

For many people, will planning is easier and less expensive overall when it is done with the help of an attorney. While there may be a greater upfront expense, the end result is often a thorough will that accounts for as many scenarios as possible. This may prevent family infighting and other issues that may reduce the size of an estate before any assets can be distributed.