Can estate planning be affordable?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2023 | Estate Planning

A significant number of adults do not have an estate plan even though they have property in their names or dependent family members. One of the many reasons that people cite for putting off estate planning is that it can be expensive.

A review of national costs indicates that many people pay between $150 and $200 just for a simple will. Some questionable online services that purport to offer low-cost wills charge $100 or more for documents that may have no witnesses and may not hold up in probate court.

The Cassady Law Offices, P.C. offers fixed-price services

Some people worry that working with a lawyer will mean they’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars for basic paperwork. They worry they’ll pay for every question, email and revision. Our firm takes the guesswork out of what clients pay by offering two basic packages for people who want to benefit from the protection of a simple estate plan.

A Complete Will Package only costs $99 per person, making it cheaper than the national average to draft simple documents. It includes a consultation with one of our lawyers and their services in drafting a will, living will and power of attorney, as well as the services of two witnesses and a notary. The firm will even store your documents securely for life in a fireproof safe.

Those who want to create a trust can do so for just $1,195 with the Complete Trust Package. Clients receive a certificate of trust for a living trust. A lawyer will also help them draft a pour-over will and quitclaim deeds for up to three properties in Clark County, Nevada. Even living documents, including power of attorney, are part of that flat rate price. Clients will have two witnesses and a notary available to certify the validity of the trust documents created.

Bespoke services are also available

The value of a carefully constructed, custom estate plan is hard to quantify. From asset protection plans to living documents, our firm can help clients put together most types of estate planning documents to suit their needs.

Taking the time to consult with a lawyer can give someone peace of mind about the validity and value of the estate planning documents they’ll need to put into place in order to make their wishes clear and to protect their loved ones.