Selecting the right person to serve in role of power-of-attorney

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Powers Of Attorney

Nevada residents who are considering preparing a power-of-attorney will want to put a great deal of thought into their selection. Convenience obviously will factor into such a decision. For example, a child that lives close by can often be of greater assistance than one that lives across the country. However, more needs to go into the decision-making than this.

Just like in other legal circumstances, there are some individuals qualified to fill the role and others that are not. There may be circumstances where one individual could help with matters dealing with finances and another individual that could help concerning various medical determinations.

There can be a certain degree of flexibility when preparing power-of-attorney documents. For example, it’s common for having entire families involved in certain determinations such as what to do in the event of medical incapacity.

Power-of-attorney documents are just one of many tools that can be utilized for the purposes of estate planning considerations. We all want to have a certain amount of control concerning determinations made regarding our medical care and how our property is cared for in the event of incapacitation.

Yet we wish to place in charge of such determinations individuals that we can trust. Therefore the drafting of a well crafted power-of-attorney document is only a portion of the process. We will also want to make certain the person we choose in the power-of-attorney document will actually wish to take on this role.

Because of the importance of these documents, any considerations concerning power-of-attorney or other estate planning documents should be addressed to attorneys experienced in this particular area of law.

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