Power of attorney allows you more control over your future

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2014 | Powers Of Attorney

Life is filled with a variety of what-ifs. For instance, what if one becomes disabled or ill. There are many things a person can do to control the what-ifs; however, there are also many factors that are beyond a person’s control. For Nevada individuals, controlling the things that can be controlled is obviously in their best interest. Additionally, by establishing a power of attorney and health care powers of attorney, an individual could even able to control some of the unknowns.

Accidents, and sometimes serious illnesses, can happen quickly. If an individual is suddenly unable to make their own financial decisions, there can understandably be problems. By establishing a power of attorney prior to unexpected circumstances, there is already a person in place who is authorized to make financial decisions in one’s place. However, if a power of attorney has not been appointed, it is possible that the family of the individual will have to seek the court’s assistance in appointing a guardian. This process can take time and result in additional costs.

Another issue to consider in the event of accident or illness is who will make the appropriate medical decisions. If an individual is unable to make their own medical decisions, this can cause turmoil within the family. Each family member may have their own idea about what their loved one would want; however, no one may be authorized to carry out these instructions. A health care powers of attorney is designed to allow one individual to be appointed to make medical decisions for the individual in the event that the person is unable to do so.

Some Nevada residents are content with accepting whatever life has to offer. Others prefer to have more control over their financial and medical lives. For these individuals, a power of attorney could bring a degree of peace of mind.

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