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On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2014 | Trusts

Management of your trust is important as you plan not only for your future but also for the futures of those who will inherit your estate. However, deciding on the administration of your trust can be challenging as you select a trustee. Confidence is an important aspect of this decision, but it is also important to evaluate the management abilities of a fiduciary to ensure that decisions will be made objectively and beneficially.

Although many individuals select trusted friends or family members to serve as trustees, a lack of experience in dealing with the management of assets can be detrimental. Similarly, an individual who has an interest in your estate could make biased decisions. It may be wise to limit such issues by selecting an objective trustee lawyer who is able to make decisions consistent with your instructions and without bias.

In working with a trust lawyer, you can make the most of the expertise of someone who consistently deals with estate planning issues and law. As laws change, this knowledge can be used to make adjustments in your plans to ensure that tax implications and other concerns are addressed. The imposition of professional safeguards protects your beneficiaries, and professional insurance is in place to guard against errors. In addition to coordinating your estate plan, you can access financial planning services to ensure that assets are managed appropriately. A lawyer can be named as a trustee without the need for court interaction.

Someone planning their estate may need help evaluating plans and updating them periodically to ensure that changes such as a divorce, the birth of a child or the death of a beneficiary are dealt with promptly to avoid unanticipated results. To learn more, read our trust planning page.

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