Trustee services for Nevada residents

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2015 | Probate And Estate Administration

Trusts provide a number of important benefits, but deciding who will act as trustees can be a difficult decision. Trusts allow a greater degree of privacy and control, but overseeing their administration and being responsible for distributing assets can be a difficult burden for trusted friends or family members. Appointing an experienced attorney to act as your trustee allows you to enjoy the advantages of a trust without placing undue and possibly unwelcome responsibility on the shoulders of your loved ones.

Appointing an attorney to act as your trustee provides a number of benefits. Attorneys will generally provide objective and independent advice and management, and they will usually posses the experience and knowledge necessary to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Attorneys also have a fiduciary relationship with their clients and are ethically bound to act in their best interests in all legal matters.

While all attorneys are bound by this ethical duty, those with experience in estate and financial planning may be particularly suitable to provide you with trustee services. Since we practice in this area, we stay abreast of changes made to tax or estate planning laws, and we will notify you when it becomes prudent to revisit and make revisions to trusts or other important documents.

You may be considering a trust because you do not wish your estate to be administered under the public spotlight of probate, or you may want your assets to be distributed in a particular way or at a particular time. Choosing the right person to act as your trustee is a crucial part of this strategy, and it may be wise to consider an experienced and knowledgeable individual who is ethically obligated to act in your best interests. If you would like further information about these matters, you are invited to visit our trustee services page.