Writing a will in Nevada

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Wills

Creating a will can give Nevada residents more power over how their assets are distributed after passing away. The first step in the process is to decide how the will is to be written. It may be possible to prepare the will through the use of an online will creation service.

However, it may be best to talk to an attorney as state laws may change regarding what constitutes a valid will. Two features that need to be included in a will regardless of how it is created are identifying information and a statement that it is an individual’s last will and testament. This ensures that someone with a common name isn’t confused with another person. It is also important to include a revocation of any previous wills and codicils, if applicable.

The will should have an executor who is of sound mind and should clearly state what is to be done with the testator’s assets. Once the will has been completed to an individual’s satisfaction, it is then time to sign it in front of adult witnesses who are of sound mind. If there is a need to change the will, it should be handled with a codicil for minor adjustments or a complete rewrite if major changes need to be made.

A person who is interested in creating a will or learning more about will planning may benefit from speaking to an estate planning attorney. Doing so may make it easier to better understand how to prepare a valid will or how to use other estate planning tools such as living trusts. An attorney may also be able to increase the odds that a will is created properly and that the document will withstand scrutiny if challenged in court.