Appointing care agents may be in your best interest

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Powers Of Attorney

Throughout your life, you likely have become ill or injured multiple times. During these times, you probably had a family member or other loved one available to help take care of you. On the other hand, you may have provided the care for a sick or injured loved one. As a result, you undoubtedly understand the importance of proper care.

Because older individuals often fall more susceptible to serious illnesses or mental degradation that could result in incapacitation, many family members want to ensure that their older loved ones have the care they need. Of course, planning ahead can allow your loved one to have a say in their care.

Durable power of attorney

Putting someone in charge of your affairs or working with a loved one to get their affairs in order can ease the burden many individuals face later in life. When it comes to estate planning, you may utilize a durable power of attorney document to appoint an agent or agents to necessary positions. These agents handle specific responsibility relating to handling a person’s health or financial affairs.

Health care

A health care power of attorney agent handles the decisions needed to attend to your specific health. In some cases, these decisions may include allowing certain procedures or treatment to move forward or deciding to end treatment. Therefore, the appointed individual should feel comfortable making such choices if the time comes.


The financial power of attorney agent also acts in a capacity denoting considerable responsibility. The duties involved in this position require making decisions regarding bank accounts, taxes, bills and other financial affairs. You should appoint a trusted individual to this position who has the ability to carry out necessary tasks.

Planning ahead

Appointing your own or helping a loved one appoint power of attorney agents should not come as a spur-of-the-moment decision. Therefore, taking the time to plan ahead often proves most beneficial. As individuals age, the likelihood of facing a degenerative mental disease may increase, and as a result, older individuals may lose the ability to make sound decisions. Planning well in advance of such potentialities could help individuals reduce the risk of facing serious unknowns in regard to their care.

In order to make your wishes known or to help a loved one make their plans, exploring estate planning options may prove useful. Discussing particular concerns and needs with an experienced Nevada attorney could allow you to determine the best options and tools for your plans.