Certain life events are inevitable. Will your estate be prepared?

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Recent studies indicate that as many as 60 percent of individuals who are nearing the age of retirement don’t have a will in place. Perhaps you have loved ones that you wish to provide for in the event of your death, but you haven’t found time to write a will. Maybe you find the mere thought to be frightening or alarming. You may not be able to decide how or when you go, but you can make plans regarding what happens to your property and assets.

When finally deciding to write your will, you may have numerous concerns regarding the security and validity of the document. With the availability of almost anything online, you may also wonder if you can properly execute a will all on your own.

Benefits of acquiring assistance in the process

While it is possible to write a will on your own, there are numerous circumstances where obtaining assistance could prove beneficial in the end. Certain ways that you might benefit from having legal counsel when planning your estate include the following:

  • Complex and/or numerous assets:  Complex assets such as investments and business interests can make the process significantly more challenging. If you are also in possession of a considerable amount of assets and/or complex assets, you will probably want to consult an attorney to ensure nothing is missing or left out.
  • Specific intentions:  Perhaps you wish to leave certain assets to certain children, or you may even wish to exclude a person from your will altogether. You will likely find this to be difficult to carry out on your own.
  • Donations:  You might wish to donate a portion of your estate to a charity or cause following your death, and obtaining assistance might ensure that others cannot contest this wish in the future.

 Where can I go for assistance?

The process of planning your estate can be extremely complex. However, if you don’t have a will, your assets get distributed in accordance with Nevada state laws in the event of your death. You probably want to have a say in the matter, and you may be in search of assistance in ensuring the proper execution of your will.

You could speak with an attorney with experience in every aspect of estate planning. An attorney can help you cover all your concerns and provide advice on crucial steps that you may have overlooked. By obtaining this type of guidance and assistance, you may also obtain peace of mind knowing that upon death, your assets will be divided according to your wishes.