Handling final requests

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2017 | Blog

One important detail people in Nevada may leave out of their estate plan is their preferences regarding their final arrangements. While wills were commonly used in the past to detail one’s final arrangements, that is no longer the case. Typically, some time will pass after the death of a loved one before the surviving family members begin to search for a will.

The device that is now customarily used to express one’s wishes for their final arrangement is a planning declaration. It can be thought of as having a power of attorney for a person’s final arrangements. Individuals can give a close relative or friend the power to carry out their final wishes or make the decisions regarding their remains. The degree of detail that is provided in the document will depend on the individual’s preferences.

Without realizing it, individuals who already have designated someone to have power of attorney in other matters may have chosen someone to see to their remains after their death. The authority to dispose of the remains of a person is a power that the agent will continue to have after the death of the principal or grantor. It is important that individuals who have completed a power of attorney review the form to verify whether they have designated someone to make decisions regarding their final arrangements.

An attorney who practices estate planning may assist clients with planning their last will and testament to protect their estate and dictate their wishes regarding the distribution of property. The attorney may advise of the most appropriate type of will to use, such as an oral will or holographic will, for a client’s goals and financial situation. The attorney may also litigate to resolve inheritance issues, such as probate issues or allegations of fraud or undue influence.