Why a married person may need powers of attorney

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney makes it possible for a person to have his or her wishes met while incapacitated. Nevada residents who create a power of attorney will draft such documents while they are still of sound mind. If a person is married, a spouse generally has the ability to make medical decisions for that individual. However, there may be situations in which the spouse is not able to do so.

This is when having a medical power of attorney can be important. Instead of the state or other entities deciding how to care for an individual, the power of attorney designates a trusted party to make those decisions. This designated party can be a family member, friend or anyone else an individual may trust to look out for his or her best interests while incapacitated.

A financial power of attorney may also be useful when a person may be incapacitated. This document grants a trusted person or institution the ability to make decisions about how to pay bills or the right to access a personal account to pay them. It is important to point out that even a spouse may not be able to access personal accounts without prior authorization from the account holder.

Having financial and health care powers of attorney may make it easier for a person’s wishes to be met. These documents may be as broad or as specific as a person wants them to be. They may also come with expiration dates or limited periods of time in which they may be valid. Those who are considering drawing up such a document may wish to have the help of an attorney.