Using the professional in estate planning

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Estate Planning

One of the primary goals of estate planning in Nevada is to ensure a prompt and unproblematic transfer of a client’s property to his or her successors. Most people approaching a professional about estate planning request that heirs have a minimum of court supervision to facilitate the transfer and that a maximum of assets be preserved.

For those goals to be achieved, leaving the matter to professionals is the preferred choice. One reason is that utilizing a professional provides the highest likelihood that the plan is created properly and will be implemented as intended.

Though some people rely on pre-printed forms without consultation with an attorney, this is a risky way to construct a plan. The fine print of the forms may not contain what the planner actually desires or contain language contrary to his or her intent.

In addition, some forms, especially older ones, may not take into account recent changes in the law. If a pre-printed document is not executed correctly, it may become invalid and of no legal effect, forcing heirs to proceed to court.

Another reason to seek a professional is to open options not considered by the planner. Experienced estate planning professionals are more likely to have knowledge of a wide array of planning strategies. For example, a client may desire a trust to be created within a will to care for a loved one; the estate planning attorney may advise that a living trust would best suit the client’s needs.

Estate planning attorneys often consult with other professionals in the field to provide a more comprehensive solution to a client’s goals. Many attorneys will work in concert with a financial planner for wealth creation or a CPA for estate tax strategies. In these situations, the interests of the client are at the heart of the effort.