Reports say Anderson Cooper set to inherit $1.5 million

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Probate And Estate Administration

Nevada fans of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper may be interested to learn that he is set to inherit less than $1.5 million following the death of his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. According to report, it was speculated that Cooper could have received a sizable estate based on online reports that estimated her net worth.

In June 2019, it was revealed in the probate documents that Cooper would inherit less than $1.5 million. His brother, Leopold “Stan” Stokowski is set to inherit Vanderbilt’s $1.2 million Midtown co-op at 30 Beekman Place. However, this was reported not unexpected for Cooper. In 2014, Cooper reportedly told Howard Stern that his mother had told him not to expect an inheritance and that there was no trust fund. He stated on the show that he did not believe in inheriting money, as he thought he would not have been motivated to succeed in his career knowing that there was money waiting for him.

The media has begun to speculate where all of the Vanderbilt’s wealth had gone. Vanderbilt was reportedly born into one of the wealthiest families in America, with a trust fund estimated to be valued at $35 million today. She started a fashion line estimated to be worth $100 million and was a model, an actress and a writer. However, her clothing line eventually faded while she continued to live a lavish lifestyle.

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