Estate planning steps after entering a 2nd marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Probate And Estate Administration

After going through the end of a marriage, there may be many individuals in Nevada and elsewhere who eventually choose to enter a new relationship. Upon entering a second or later marriage, a person may wish to know the steps to take to update estate planning goals and keep the plan in line with his or her wishes. Although estate planning for blended families can be complex at times, there are a variety of measures individuals can take to help protect their interests and the interests of loved ones.

According to experts, one aspect that could complicate similar matters pertains to the fact that individuals who enter a second or later marriage may have had additional time to build up assets and wealth. As such, it could be vital to address estate planning and beneficiary information to help keep one’s plan centered around his or her preferences. Some may also have concerns that their spouse might not share all the same goals concerning certain aspects of estate planning and being clear with intentions and detailed with information could help limit confusion or frustration in the future.

One asset that could play a significant role in the estate planning process could pertain to the family home. In some cases, a person may worry that his or her children from a previous marriage might not inherit his or her share of similar assets upon death and as such, seeking guidance on options to address similar concerns could prove vital. Parents with children from a previous marriage or minor children may also wish to seek advice on the available options to provide for their kids, such as setting up a trust.

Addressing estate planning goals after entering a second or later marriage could prove imperative in various ways. Those who face a similar change in life and wish to seek advice on how best to address their new circumstances could benefit from consulting with an attorney for guidance in covering all their options. An attorney in Nevada can address a client’s situation and assist him or her in either creating a plan or updating an existing plan that centers around protecting his or her future interests.