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October 2013 Archives

Communication can be a key part to estate planning

When it comes to estate planning or drawing up a will, one of the pillars of successfully organizing these things is to address the issue early and often. You want to bring in financial and legal advisors to adequately draw up documents and organize your estate; that way, the assets will go to the places you want them to go, instead of being dispersed in ways you wouldn't want them to.

Turmoil of two wills: deal will split heiress's estate

What will sound like a bizarre set of circumstances regarding a wealthy heiress's estate is actually a more common situation than you may think. The following story has a happy outcome; but confusion over a woman's $300 million estate that reigned for years, and it highlights the need for a well organized and clear estate plan.

Save some space in your will for Mittens or Fido

Pet owners in Las Vegas will have a little dust in their eye after the following story. A woman in Texas was going about her day recently, and all seemed well. However, at some point after she arrived at work, the woman suffered a fatal heart attack. She died later that day.