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December 2013 Archives

Revisiting one's estate planning needs

Even with all the information available concerning the necessity of certain estate planning tools, there are still many Las Vegas residents that may die without having a valid will in place.  The problem with not having a will in place is that one's assets may then be distributed subject to laws rather than how one actually would like to see the distribution take place.

Importance of thoughtful planning in the event of incapacitation

Unfortunately, circumstances can occur that will leave others in a lurch.  There is a need for thoughtful planning in the case that an individual becomes incapacitated or dies so that one's business and family can carry-on and not face hardship. 

Navigating through the probate process

Every loss of a family member or loved one will bring along with it indecision as what to do next.  The unexpectedness of such a loss can sometimes make it difficult for individuals to take the necessary steps to ensure that all matters are in order.

Preparation is needed when it comes to estate planning

As much as we do not like to think about it, there is the possibility that our physical condition will prevent us from making the decisions we need to make concerning our own care.  It is under these circumstances that a durable healthcare power of attorney can allow for someone else to handle our affairs in the event of incapacitation.