Health care powers of attorney can be a gift for your family

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Powers Of Attorney

Some gifts are better than others. Many Nevada residents would probably love to receive the gift of jewelry, a new car or perhaps even a fabulous vacation. However, many times the intangible things given are worth much more in the long run. One gift to consider giving to family members is the gift of not having to debate and decide what one would want in the case of an accident or life-threatening illness. This gift can be given in the form of a living will and health care powers of attorney.

A living will is a document that specifically states the individual’s wishes regarding medical care in the event that the individual is unable to personally do so. In it, the individual is able to indicate to what extent medical treatment should be rendered. The individual can state that he or she wishes for doctors to use any means possible to revive him or her, or he or she may indicate that extreme measures are not to be taken.

In addition to a living will, health care powers of attorney give another person the ability to speak for the individual. With health care powers of attorney, this person can voice the individual’s desires to medical personnel. Additionally, this document can allow medical personnel to share information with that person to aid in the decision-making process.

When a loved one becomes critically ill or injured, family members often make decisions based upon emotion. There are times when these decisions actually go against the wishes of the individual. For this reason, Nevada residents may want to consider creating a living will and health care powers of attorney as a loving gift to make these decisions easier on their loved ones.

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