Month: April 2015

Wills can be a touchy subject

As they age, Nevada residents may find that it is difficult or intimidating to focus on issues related to final estate matters. A recent survey indicates that more than half of parents in the nation have failed to create the documents needed to clarify their final...

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Revocable living trusts in Nevada

In Nevada, a revocable living trust is sometimes used as an estate planning alternative, particularly for probate issues that can't be solved with a will. Before deciding on using a revocable living trust, an individual should take certain factors into account. This...

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A-B trusts in Nevada

While people may have heard of A-B trusts, they may not know what these trusts are or why they are used. These trusts are established by married couples in order to help avoid double-taxation after one spouse dies.A-B trusts are ones that are set up to split into two...

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