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June 2015 Archives

What is the "equal dignities rule?"

To be legally effective, a power of attorney must adhere to specific guidelines and requirements as set forth under Nevada law, which we have addressed in earlier posts. As important to remember is that once a power of attorney is established, it must still follow certain legal requirements in order for the authority it carries to be validly executed.

Establishing a durable power of attorney for health care

When you are writing your living trust, it is vital to name someone who will make important health care decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated. This is called granting durable power of attorney for your healthcare. Being incapacitated is generally defined one of two ways. One, it means that you, for one reason or another, cannot communicate your wishes. Or, it could mean that you cannot understand the different healthcare options available to you. In this case, having a trusted individual acting on your behalf can be highly beneficial.

Tips for planning your will

Writing a will can feel like one of the most morbid things you'll ever do, especially when you write it when you are young. Yet wills are one of the most important documents a person can pen. Knowing where to start and how to create a sound estate plan can feel tricky, but it does not have to be.

The thrill is gone as King estate disputes begin in Nevada courts

Blues legend B.B. King was barely laid to rest before rumors of mismanaged money and even murder began to circulate in Nevada courts. The court proceedings involve issues including King’s net worth, his family’s challenge of the executor named in his will, and questionable medical treatment, including an accusation that the executor hastened the musician’s death by poisoning him.

Who inherits credit card debt when the cardholder dies?

When a loved one passes on, the last thing you want to think about is dealing with their credit card debt. Yet, creditors are usually not going to wait for too long before trying to collect their owed interest. Though this usually goes smoothly, it can become sticky rather quickly.

Estate planning myths debunked

For one reason or another, many people avoid any kind of estate planning. Some think it’s too difficult; others think it is not right for them. These beliefs often step from common myths that have surrounded estate planning for many years. It is important to understand who should have a will or trust, and when.

We help you to avoid the one-size-fits-all estate protection

There are countless websites promoting the use of prepackaged kits for creating your own will. Do-it-yourself software is available that promises you estate protection by walking you through the steps of preparing wills. What prepackaged kits and do-it-yourself software and websites cannot offer you is the peace of mind of knowing that your estate documents are tailored to your needs by an experienced and knowledgeable Las Vegas estate planning attorney.

Deterring a will contest: Nevada and no-contest clauses

A recent post discussed the grounds for challenging a will that is offered for probate. A no-contest clause or, as it is also referred to, an in terrorem clause is sometimes inserted into a will to deter beneficiaries from challenging it. The deterrent is that no-contest clauses usually result in the heirs challenging the will forfeiting what they would have received unless the challenge is successful.