Advantages of using an attorney instead of DIY estate planning

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2017 | Estate Planning

You understand the importance of making final arrangements for your estate, and online companies that offer do-it-yourself will or trust creation might appear tempting. Working directly with an attorney, however, could offer you many advantages, staring with personal service and an in-depth analysis of how Nevada law might apply to your estate.

Secondly, the cost of our services at Cassady Law Offices P.C. might compare quite favorably, and we will research how to craft your documents to safeguard your distribution decisions. We could tailor strategies meant to protect your heirs from estate taxes or control distributions to beneficiaries who are irresponsible with money. If you own a business or other property, we could guide you through decisions about how to transfer real estate and other assets.

As our client, you could gain an extra level of protection from challenges to the terms of your will. A fill-in-the-blanks will prepared through an online service might be more vulnerable to legal attacks because an attorney did not review it for accuracy. Our licensed services include the process of confirming your capacity to execute a will as well as attesting that you were not subject to undue influence when making your decisions.

A well-designed estate plan could reduce emotional burdens on your survivors and protect financial interests. With our support, you will get comprehensive advice about issues like dividing assets among children, providing for a special needs person or even disinheriting someone. You could also have an opportunity to learn about setting up a power of attorney that would become active in the event of your incapacity. We will apply our resources to writing documents and storing a valid copy of your will. Visit our page about will planning to gain an understanding of the issues at stake for your estate.