Do you feel ready to appoint a power of attorney agent?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Blog

Preparing for potentially detrimental life events may have you feeling lost. The idea of suffering serious injuries in an accident, developing dementia in old age or otherwise becoming incapacitated may cast a dark cloud over your future. However, this type of scenario is common, and therefore, addressing the potential for incapacitation may allow you to feel better in knowing that you planned for such an event.

One way to get ready for a time in which you can no longer make decisions for yourself relates to appointing a power of attorney agent. By putting someone in charge of your health care, finances or both, you may feel a sense of relief knowing that a responsible party stands ready to take on this role should the need arise.

Who should you choose?

When determining candidates for power of attorney agents, close family members typically come in as the first individuals that come to mind. These parties often act as prime choices, but rather than simply handing the power over to your spouse or adult child, you may wish to ensure that he or she has the capabilities and willingness to take on the role. You will certainly want to trust your agent and ensure that he or she handles serious responsibilities well.

Additionally, you should discuss your potential choice with the individuals you have in mind. Some parties may seem suited to the role, but they may not wish to take on such duties as they can prove time consuming and complicated at times.

Can you change your mind?

After making an appointment, you may feel confident in your agent’s abilities. Of course, circumstances can easily change, and at some point, you may no longer feel that your appointed individual fits the role. Luckily, you can change your power of attorney appointment if you wish to do so. You would need to inform your agent of your decision, collect any copies of your power of attorney designation and instructions, and inform any other necessary parties or entities of the change.

How do you create the document?

Because a power of attorney document has legally binding properties, you will want to ensure that you properly create it. Information on Nevada law relating to power of attorney instructions and designations may help you better understand what goes into such a process. Following the proper legal channels may assist you in avoiding issues in the future.