Reconsider using a safe deposit box to store your estate plans

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Blog

Estate planning is a deeply personal experience. You and many other Nevada residents may have recently gone through the process in hopes of getting your final affairs in order well before the time comes to implement your plans. Taking this step is a considerable undertaking, and you should feel proud for completing the process.

Of course, just because you have completed the process for now does not mean that your involvement with estate planning is over. It is wise to update your plans periodically to ensure that the information in your documents remains current. Additionally, you also need to make sure that the original copies of your will and other records stay safe.

Are some protective measures too much?

The best way to store important papers can differ, depending on the situation, and including the type of documents involved. Because your estate planning information is of the utmost importance, you will need to keep it as protected as possible. However, you also need to remember that your surviving loved ones will need access to these documents after your passing, so you do not want to over-protect them.

You may think that over-protecting your documents is not possible, but in reality, one of the most commonly used protective measures could cause issues. Many individuals think it is a smart move to store important documents in a safe deposit box, but that may not be the best place for your estate planning papers. If you keep your records in a safe deposit box, they will undoubtedly remain secure, but your loved ones may not be able to access them after your passing if they do not have authorization.

What are more realistic options?

If you want to keep your records at home so that your loved ones can easily access them, you need to take measures to keep the papers safe from elements like fire or water damage. It may even be wise to purchase a fireproof safe to store your estate plans.

Of course, you may feel uncomfortable keeping these documents in your home because of your own forgetfulness or for fear that others may access them and act unscrupulously with your information. Fortunately, many attorneys will store estate planning documents for their clients; discussing this option with a Nevada attorney may bring you peace of mind.