Be careful when choosing the executor of your will

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Estate Planning

An executor plays a crucial part in the probate process. They are responsible for managing the estate before distribution to the beneficiaries. Some of their duties include consolidating assets, paying debts and taking care of the estate at large.

Therefore, the person you choose to execute your will and carry out your final wishes will determine how smooth the probate process will be.

Who should you pick?

You can pick anyone to be an executor of your will as long as they meet the legal requirements. While many people settle on family members or spouses to do the job, you should not be limited by blood relations when choosing your executor. 

The criteria you need to use is the person’s ability to do the job dutifully. Do you trust them to execute your will to the letter? Does the individual have desirable traits suitable for the role? Only appoint someone whom you are confident in as the executor.

You can have more than one executor

The law does not prevent you from having more than one executor. However, you may need to specify how they will work together to avoid confusion when administering the estate.

It may also be advisable to have an alternate executor as a backup plan, in case the original executor has to back out.

Re-evaluate your decision

It is advisable to revisit your entire estate plans, including your choice of executor, once every couple of years or when drastic changes happen in your life. That way, you can be sure that your earlier decision is still the best and that your last wishes are in safe hands.

If you are unsure about the person you should pick, it may be necessary to seek professional guidance. You cannot risk any loose ends, especially when the lives of your loved ones are involved.